Tyler Wrote a Book??

So today is the day that everyone gets to see the cover of our new book. Many have been waiting, many have been wondering, and many have no clue what I’m talking about. Today I figured would give a little history about the awesome news today.

It all started about a year ago when my awesome co-author Sherry Ficklin asked me to write a book with her. At first I thought she was joking because I have only written one book that was placed at a small press. That book is Neto Lexan and the Impox Secret. Apparently she had read it and loved how I wrote the voice of a teenage boy.  She mentioned that she didn’t know how to write teenage boy dialogue so she needed me.  I thought at first I would just advise her on how to write and sound like a boy but she had a different idea…to continue reading please visit my blog http://www.jolleychronicles.blogspot.com