The setting: My backyard

The culprit: The skunk

The Time: RIGHT before I left for work

Since I’ve moved into my new home I’ve had a few run-is with wildlife.  I’ve found out there are mountain lions, deer and skunks roaming around my property.  This presents a problem for several reasons; the first of course, is the safety of my family and dogs.  The second is the idea of my dogs and kids being sprayed by skunks.

I did some research and found “Kno-Spray” live traps.  There was even video of them on youtube.  They had a 100% no spray guarantee so I felt pretty confident about my purchase.  I received them a few weeks later and set them up one night after work. The next morning I had already gotten ready for work and decided to check them on my way out; I honestly didn’t think I would catch one on the first night.  I was delighted to find…to continue reading please visit my blog

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