Gangsta the Frog

Carson.  Oh Carson.  Carson, Carson, Carson.  A few weeks ago we received some much needed rain.  We, like much of the country, have been in one of the worst droughts in history.  We were so blessed for the rain and when it came it was fast and furious.  Because it rained so quickly and the ground was so dry we had a bit of flooding on my property.


A few hours later Carson, a.k.a. Crash came running through the house wet, out of breath and wearing galoshes.


“DDDDDDAAAAAADDDDD.” He shrieked, “I need my goggles!  Where are my goggles?? I need them!! GOGGLES!!!!”


“Dude, what’s up?  Calm down, you can’t go in the lake.”


“No, not that lake.    The new lake.  Gangsta’s in the new lake.  I gotta find him!!”


“What new, lake?  Gangsta?  Who’s Gangsta?”

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