Fatty Matty Two by Four Couldn’t Get Through The Bathroom Door…

My Weight: I won’t say but I’ll give you a range It’s somewhere between 112-438

The Situation: Hot and Sweaty

As you know I have a really good friend named Food.  Food and I got a little too close during orthodontic school.  Some students will go partying after a rough week, or perhaps after a major test.  Being LDS (Mormon to those unfamiliar with the term) that is not something I could or wanted to do.  My reward was food.  An “A” on a test = a dozen donuts.  A rough week = 5 lemon pie Tasty Kakes.  Some classmates reached for a beer, I reached for a Diet Coke.

When I was in undergrad school I could eat like this, no problem! But as I aged it quickly caught up with me…to continue reading click here http://www.jolleychronicles.blogspot.com