The setting: My backyard The culprit: The skunk The Time: RIGHT before I left for work Since I’ve moved into my new home I’ve had a few run-is with wildlife.  I’ve found out there are mountain lions, deer and skunks roaming around my property.  This presents a problem for several reasons; the first of […]

Rock Jam 2012

What a year it was!  Rock Jam rarely disappoints.  If you can get over the crowds and oppressive heat your in for a great show.  If you’re unfamiliar with Rock Jam it’s exactly what it sounds like.  A bunch of awesome rock bands come together for a weekend in Mack, Colorado.  Friday’s headliners were KISS […]


Next week I’m going to a steampunk convention in Portland called GearCon.  Why you may ask?  Well my next book that I am co-writing with the talented Sherry Ficklin is a young adult steampunk novel.  Steampunk is basically like the 1800’s but modern and punky.  These conventions will be a great place to network and […]

Tanner the Trash Man

I’ve mentioned before I bought a farm so my kids can learn some life skills.  Our garden isn’t completely mature yet, so there isn’t anything to harvest and the chores really aren’t that bad.  They collect chicken eggs, feed the chickens, mow the enormous lawn and pasture, as well as many other chores.  Sometimes they […]

Gangsta the Frog

Carson.  Oh Carson.  Carson, Carson, Carson.  A few weeks ago we received some much needed rain.  We, like much of the country, have been in one of the worst droughts in history.  We were so blessed for the rain and when it came it was fast and furious.  Because it rained so quickly and the […]

Dog Days of Summer

    So as you may know I have two dogs, Saber, a yellow lab and Yeti a Vizsla.  I love my dogs.  They’re not only awesome companions for the kids and me, but also great hunting dogs.  As you can imagine they are loving the new farm.  They have a ton of room to […]